Live Satellite Tracking

EPIRBhire has partnered with SPOTNZ/TrackMe to offer an exciting, engaging and premium satellite tracking opportunity leveraging inReach, SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Trace devices. This service is specifically suited for all remote activities; whether it be running, horse back, family road trips, asset tracking, remote and lone works as well as remote events where GSM trackers won’t work.

Keep Track of Competitors for Safety and Fun

EPIRBhire, in conjunction with SPOTNZ, are supplying Australian event managers with competitor satellite event tracking. This will allow managers and the public to track competitors as they move through an area. Not only does this provide a more interactive experience for spectators, but it will allow event organisers to more easily render help should a competitor become lost or injured.

Showcasing the Service

We showcased this event tracking service on Friday 11th of December, 2015 by tracking 48 amazing athletes in the 240km Coast to Kosci marathon. You can replay the race from this site – go to the site below, click on the “Participants List”, and this will allow more options. If you left-hand click one of the participant tags you will find a “path” button and can replay their race.

Hire Rates

SPOT Gen 3

Hire the SPOT Gen 3

1 week $150          2 weeks $190       3 weeks $205
If you require more than one unit – contact us for discounted rates.

Hire includes; G.S.T., delivery and return postage, batteries, personal tracking page (public or private) and unlimited tracking points.

Need Tracking and 2-way messaging?

Hire the Garmin InReach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator/Tracker

Garmin InReach Explorer+
1 week $150   – $10/day there after… 

Hire includes; hire, G.S.T., delivery and return postage, personal tracking page (public or private). 

Get in touch with us today…

To find out more or organise satellite tracking for your event, call us on 0415 263 750.

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