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What to expect from an Iridium Satellite phone/Wi-Fi device.

We like the Iridium network predominantly for people that need to be contactable continuously for their telecommunications, as the Iridium devices have a compact magnetic external antenna.  Due to orbiting satellites, which do offer truly global coverage, we find that the Iridium network offers only average voice quality and particularly in hilly and forested terrain, connection drop outs are likely.   

The Go! Wi-Fi device has it’s applications – it’s handy for regular SMS comm’s and given the Wi-Fi connection its good in situations where a wireless connection is required – however, it’s not our recommendation for users that primarily want an emergency outbound phone – that’s where the 9555 is better placed. 

Satellite phone handsets are not as straight forward to use as normal mobile phones and knowing how to use them correctly will make a huge difference. Our commitment to you is, we will offer you up to $10 in free calls to practice before you leave.

Iridium Coverage Map

When you make a call the device talks to a satellite 780km up in the sky that is travelling at 26,000km per hour. Your call is bounced between up to 4 satellites until it reaches Nevada (USA) where it is pushed down an optic fibre back into the local network.
This amazing technology allows you to make a phone call from anywhere in the world, except inside a building. So for obvious reasons the handset needs a clear view of the sky.

Iridium 9555 Handset Satellite Phone 

Iridium 9555

To rent the 9555 for one week $165, 10 days $225, 2 weeks $290.
Service come with active SIM with Australian mobile phone number, 12v, 240v & protective case. 
For longer periods, please call as additional weekly rates get cheaper.
Price includes: hire, GST, delivery and $10 of free calls for pre-departure practice.

PROS –  very easy to operate, ability to operate whilst driving (given external antenna) and with orbiting satellites offers global coverage (for as long as the device can see the satellites).

CONS:  average call quality and intermittent drop outs and battery life.

Iridium Go! Wi-Fi Hotspot Satellite Device

Iridium Go!

To rent the Go! for one week hire $175, 10 days $230, 2 weeks $305.
Service comes with active SIM with Australian mobile number, 12v, 240v and a protective case.
For longer periods, please call as additional weekly rates get cheaper.
Price includes: hire, GST, delivery, return postage and $10 of free calls for pre-departure practice.

The Iridium Go! is not recommended for users that primarily need an emergency satellite phone. It’s great for users with a need for regular communications, particularly via SMS as you use your iOS/Android smartphone/tablet QWERTY keyboard. It does offer low bandwidth data (2.4kps) email and web functionality.
PROS:  Robust design, Wi-Fi connectivity provides freedom to move around, excellent email facility, and multi-user functionality.
CONS:  Challenging to make calls during an emergency situations, average call quality, has poor battery life (best connect to a power source), and its internet abilities are over-rated.

The Iridium Go! creates a Wi-Fi hotspot. You will need to pre-download the Iridium Go! app to your iOS/Android smart phone/tablet before you leave GSM coverage, then connect to the Iridium GO via Wi-Fi. You put the Iridium Go! outside so it can connect to the Iridium network. You can sit or work in a location within the 30m range of the Wi-Fi feed using your device. You can now make satellite connected calls and you will have the joy of sending SMS via your touch screen using the contacts list within your smartphone.


If data is what you need, call us for a chat – there are a number of options that might work well, many people have asked the same question that you are thinking right now, we have all the answers for you.

Call Costs

There are no charges to receive a call or text message. If you are travelling within Aust/NZ, people can call you at the standard Australian GSM mobile call rates.

Outgoing calls are $0.60 per 30 seconds, plus $0.40 flag-fall, when you are in Australia/NZ calling an Australian landline or mobile. Calls to most international numbers are about twice as expensive.

SMS/email to any standard mobile on the planet for $0.50. You can also send an SMS to an email address (ask us how). Calls to other satellite phones/networks are expensive and can vary significantly.

Satellite phone handsets are not as easy to use as normal mobile phones and knowing how to use them correctly will make a huge difference. Our commitment to you, we will offer you up to $10 in free calls/SMS to practice before you leave.

How to rent a phone from EPIRBhire.

Please feel free to call 0415 263 750 or email – we’re here to help. 
We operate 24/7 for critical support and we extend this service to clients who prefer to chat after hours – just not too late.
We can normally deliver Australia wide within 24/48 hours although we prefer not to rush things. We consider hire periods from the last post day we can get it to you, until the day we get it back.

Iridium Network Hire Terms & Conditions 

Would you like to buy an Iridium device?

EPIRBhire can supply the handset for hire or test before you buy. Please call us for more information and to discuss the options.