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‘Our 5c on … ‘ what to expect from the Inmarsat Satellite Network.

 We prefer the stationary satellite systems. In the case of Inmarsat, their satellite for our region is above Papua New Guinea, which means the satellite is located at a very usable angle all over Australia (e.g. elevation above horizon: Alice Springs 60oNE, Hobart 40oN, Cape York 76oN and Perth 42oNE). All you need to do is find a clear line of site to the satellite and you can talk with good voice quality uninterrupted for as long as you wish, knowing that the satellite will not move or be obscured by a hill or trees during your conversation. Call connections are quite stable, given you maintain the antenna pointing towards the satellite. Your voice or the callers will drop out (and return) if you walk around with the phone.

When you make a call on the Inmarsat network the device communicates with a satellite that is 35,000km away, so the audio is a little delayed.  Inmarsat have three geostationary satellites around the equator; above Papua New Guinea, Eastern Africa and one just south of Mexico – meaning you’ll be covered almost everywhere, except the north and south poles. 

Our commitment to you!

Satellite phone handsets are not as straight forward to use as normal mobile phones and knowing how to use them correctly will make a huge difference. Our commitment to you is, we will offer you up to $10 in free calls to practice before you leave.

Inmarsat Coverage Map

IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone2 Satellite Phone 

Inmarsat Isatphone Pro

Inmarsat Isatphone2

To rent the Isatphone for one week $155, 10 days $200, 2 weeks $245. Service comes with active International SIM service, 12v, 240v chargers, & protective case.
For longer periods, please call as additional weekly rates get cheaper.
Price includes: hire, GST, delivery, $10 of free calls for pre-departure practice and return postage.

Calls to Any Standard Mobile/Landline Numbers globally:
$0.75/min & $0.30/SMS – no charge to receive.

PROS – The IsatPhone is reliable, simple to operate, has an excellent battery life and is quick to register with the network to get you talking.  It’s a good general all rounder – is one of our ‘go to phones’ for travellers needing emergency only comm’s, particularly those travelling on the Eastern Seaboard.
CONS – Though they are only around 300gm the IsatPhone’s are the heaviest and bulkiest of the satellite phone handsets. 

Outgoing Call Costs

International Phone Number Service :
Outgoing calls are $0.75 per minute to any IsatPhone, mobile or landline on the planet and $0.30 per 160 character SMS/email.
The cost to call other companies satellite phone network is expensive. Inbound calls are very expensive for the caller, so manage inbound communications via SMS or email-to-text. If you’re expecting long calls, consider the new local number
option below. We have found SMS to the Isatphone (charged as an international SMS @ approx $0.50 each outgoing) and email technology is a great way for people to communicate with you. We have many clients needing weather information for bushwalks and yacht deliveries, they find a very successful solution is to have a friend send regular SMS/email with the appropriate information required.

NEW OPTION: Local Australian Mobile Number Service:
We can supply this phone with an Australian Local number SIM, this enables callers to call the handset at standard Australian mobile call rates. There is a hire premium for this option and outbound calls are more expensive.

Minimum charge one week $165, 10 days $225, 2 weeks $290.
For longer periods, please call as additional weekly rates get cheaper.
Price includes: hire, GST, delivery, $10 of free calls and return postage.

Outgoing calls to Australian Mobiles and Landlines $1.50/min + 40c flagfall.  Calls to International phones vary.
SMS to any mobile on the planet $0.50c.
Callers to this handset only pay standard Australian Mobile call rates, for most people, that’s likely an unlimited call plan.

How to rent a phone from EPIRBhire?

Please feel free to call 0415 263 750 or email – we’re here to help.
We operate 24/7 for critical support, we extend this service to clients who prefer to chat after hours – just not too late. 
We can normally deliver Australia wide within 24/48 hours although we prefer not to rush things. We consider hire periods from the last post day we can get it to you, until the day we get it back.

Inmarsat Hire Terms and Conditions

Would you like to buy an Inmarsat device?

EPIRBhire can supply the handset for hire or test before you buy. Please call us for more information and to discuss the options.