If you want to hire or rent a satellite phone, you’ve found the right place – we make it very easy for you. Prices start at $150 a week incl hire, GST, delivery and return delivery, with no more to pay outside calls, which can be as cheap as $0.65c/min. Why not give us a call or you can browse through our website with the three most popular satellite carriers.
We answer phones 24/7 for emergencies; happy to take after hours calls for queries – just not too late! 😉

A quick word about Satellite phones.

  • Satellite phones are an excellent communication tool when out of normal GSM range. 
  • They transmit to satellites that are either orbiting Earth at 26,000kph at a height of 700km or they are over 35,000km away.
  • If they cannot clearly see the satellite they don’t work very well; and unlike GSM mobiles, they do not work inside a house or buildings.
  • Don’t expect to have a service similar call quality to your GSM mobile.
  • When used correctly you’ll be impressed with their performance and the peace of mind that it offers.

Only the best satellite networks

Only the best satellite networks

We leverage the three best satellite networks in Australia; Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya. Each network has it’s strengths and weaknesses, so let’s chat about your needs before making a decision.

Give us a call us on 02 4997 8183 to work through your requirements and the best solution for your trip – then come back and read more on your options and our recommendation.
Also free feel to read over the info on each of the networks.

We’re available 24/7 – so let’s get things sorted.