Looking for a new and exciting challenge? Why not look at one of Australia’s best hiking trails, the Larapinta Trail. Running the length of the West MacDonnell Ranges, from the edge of Alice Springs to the summit of Mt Sonder, the 223-kilometre Larapinta Trail has so much to offer.

Broken into 12 sections, the trail can be hiked in about two weeks, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be done in its entirety. Gorges and roads divide the trail into neat, manageable portions, allowing walkers to sample it for a day or select a series of section highlights. 

 The Mount Sonder walk is almost fully exposed to the sun and takes at least six hours.
The Mount Sonder walk is almost fully exposed to the sun and takes at least six hours. (ABC News: Emily Butcher)

Cooling off at Simpsons Gap, Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory (Australia.com)

Need more inspiration? Watch this!

The Guardian’s David Fanner has an awe inspiring video of the Larapinta trail when he completed it in 2017.

Looks good, yeah! Wondering what you need to take on the trail?

Have a look at what www.NT.gov.au  recommend you should take. We note “”you should carry some form of emergency communication such as a satellite phone or personal locator beacon. Don’t rely on mobile phones.” Of course we also highly recommend taking a satellite phone and/or a PLB with you, they don’t weight that much, just a life saving 148-186 grams!

Another great resource to consult is the Larapinta Trail Website – see their planning suggestions.

Glen Helen Gorge, Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory (Australia.com)

This is no “walk in the park”, please make sure you are prepared for this epic journey. Below is a story about a 33 year old American man who died on the Larapinta Trail in 2018.


Considering a Sat Phone or PLB for the Larapinta’ ?

The satellite phone that we would recommend for the Larapinta Trail is the Thuraya XT-Lite. The Thuraya network works off a fixed satellite above Sumatra (in our region). That puts the satellite about 41o up from the horizon, roughly to your North West. The beauty about the fixed satellite is that it is always there when you need it, the call quality is better than orbiting satellite reception, with decreased chance of drop outs.

The Thuraya XT-Lite Satellite Phone

We do a 14 day hire for $240 incl GST, delivery, return post and $10 in free calls.

Also, a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a very handy safety device to have if you are walking any trail let alone one of Australia’s toughest.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you need to active the beacon you can be rest of sure that you are in the best hand that Australia has to offer. Once activated the Australian Rescue and Recovery Centre will have you location down to about 50m within 10 minutes. Once they get your GPS coordinates they start to process of coordinating the rescue. Most rescues we have experienced have had someone with them in about two hours, that is pretty dam good considering its not just outside of town where the activation has occurred.

We can do a 14 day hire for $98 incl GST, delivery and return post. it’s only half the price when partnered with a satphone!

We hope you enjoyed our new little travel segment – we enjoyed pulling it together and adding it to you Bucket List Travel Spots!

Let us know where else you are considering travelling too?

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