EPIRBhire is proud to support and share Camp Quality Newcastle’s upcoming event – Motor Cyc 2019 – kicking off 29th March.

MotoCyc is a three-day event bringing together 30+ motor bike riders to enjoy their love of bike riding within a community of like-minded people. The riders set off along designated route, visiting communities along the way to spread the message and culture of Camp Quality. They continue their ride on Saturday and finish back at home on Sunday.

Motocyc is the brainchild of Camp Quality volunteer Damian Charleson who dreamed of uniting dedicated members of the community to give back.

MotoCyc is entering its fourth year as a fundraising challenge event for Camp Quality. Since it’s inauguration in 2016, the event has raised an incredible $225,975.00! Over the last three years this has allowed Camp Quality to provide:

• 15 families with the opportunity to reconnect and bond at Family Camp
• 60 children have been able to attend a 3-day Aged Camp.
• 49 schools have learnt about cancer through our Primary School Education Program.
• And 27 children have been fully supported for an entire year and given access to all of Camp Quality’s programs and services

If you’d like to find out more about Camp Quality, please reach out and speak with the team, whether in Newcastle or a branch near you – visit https://www.campquality.org.au/

“EPIRBhire have been great supporters of ours and that we feel safe and secure knowing that in an emergency in an out of range area, we are covered”

Debra Moore – Camp Quality Fundraising Officer


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