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Event tracking via SPOT Gen3 and Trace.

EPIRBhire - Live event tracking - up to 300 people
Specifically suited for remote running, bike and horse events.

EPIRBhire in conjunction with SPOTNZ are suppling Australian event managers with competitor satellite tracking.

We are showcasing the service this Friday tracking 48 amazing athletes in the 240km Coast to Kosci marathon.

Instructions - Go to the site below, click on menu - top left, then "Participants List" this will allow more options.

if you left-hand click one of the participant tag you will find a "path" button.

You will also see the reply button/slider to allow you to replay the event.


to see the tracking site click here

 Event date Friday Dec 11 from Boydtown, NSW
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Yachting, tracking and technical enquiries call Peter 0415 263 750 (available 24/7)