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Inmarsat BGAN Service with the isavi IsatHub - Satellite Broadband at 384/235kbps

(Internet broadband at 384down/235up kbps anywhere on the planet - except the Poles)


 Inmarsat BGAN/Isavi - Broadband Global Area Network - is the world's first mobile communications service to deliver broadband data and voice simultaneously through a single, portable device offering guaranteed data rates on demand.

The BGAN service is accessible via small, lightweight satellite terminals that can be connected quickly and easily to notebook PCs or Macs. BGAN is suited for land based rather than marine as it needs a relatively stable platform.

The smallest terminal, weighing just 1kg, will give you a connection speed of 235kbps.  Although this is not as fast as your home/office metro broadband, it is 5 times the speed of the old phone dialup and you are only charged data, not time.

You can stay connected as long as you like and only pay for the data movement, i.e. there is no charge on time, just data. The data charges are not cheap at approximately $5 per MB (yes that is $5,000 per Gig).


"NEW development" - Pivotel Australia has started a new Inmarsat post paid data service. This service is available at a one off $25 connection fee, $15 per month access then just $5 per MB.



The Isavi machine works perfectly ...............



First week $310 then
$110 per week
 - data only
Long term POA
We recommend an excellent post paid system with Pivotel, resulting in DATA costs approx $5 per Mb.


We have a number of these units for sale and hire, if you would like to try before you buy please call

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Iridium Go - Review

  The IridiumGo is not broadband it is narrowband i.e. about 20kbps 


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