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Have a read of the hire agreement below then click "Yes" .

I have read the hire agreement below and I am happy with the contents.



EPIRBhire    Hire agreement 
Release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement

1        I agree to return all rental equipment by the agreed date in clean condition to avoid any additional charges.

2        I accept that I am responsible for the replacement at full retail cost of any equipment not returned to EPIRBhire.

3        I accept for use the equipment listed below and accept full responsibility for its care while in my possession. I agree (in the case of the EPIRB and PLB Distress Beacon) that the Beacon(s) has a seal over the activation switch, which means the Beacon(s) has not been activated and therefore the batteries meet the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty.

4        I accept that if the seal is broken for any reason whatsoever I will replace the Beacon(s) and/or pay to service and replace the batteries to enable the Beacon to be rehired. 

5        I agree to hold harmless and indemnify EPIRBhire and its representatives for any injury, loss or property damage to any third party resulting from the use of the hired equipment.

6        I agree to release EPIRBhire from all liability in respect of any negligence, or breach of contract arising from the use or rental of the equipment.

Hirer’s responsibilities

7        I have/or will read the instructions on the use of the Distress Beacon.

8        I have/or will check the seal is intact.

9      I am satisfied the Distress Beacon/Radio/GPS/Phone will work to the manufacturers specifications.

10     I will return the Distress Beacon/Radio/GPS/Phone or other hired equipment in person or by Express or Registered mail.