Hire an EPIRB

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Hire an EPIRB or PLB


How do you rent an EPIRB?
1. Simply call or email us, we will quote you a price. You can pay by credit card (over the phone) or by direct debit/cheque.
        Minimum hire (7 days) $88 incl. GST and delivery & return postage. 10 days - $98, 2 weeks - $110, 3 weeks - $130.
2. For temporary registration of the beacon follow this link Hire agreement and registration form

3. We will courier/post the unit a few days before you leave, and email you the instructions and this video clip   Video of a PLB activation

4. At the end of the hire we ask you to post it back.

Click here for a 10 minute video of the 406 EPIRB system 


Yacht racing PLB hire 

If multiple PLBs are needed on one boat, having just the one crew member order means we can reduce the administration costs. 
So get together, find out how many PLBs are needed on your boat, give us a call and we will organise the rest.  

Where possible we are reducing the cost for boats that are organised, get in early, use us regularly and return quickly. If we just deal with one crew member for hire delivery and return it makes life very easy.


We recommend and supply only GPS-enabled personal EPIRBs (PLBs) 

If you are thinking about buying a PLB please DON'T try to save money buying the non GPS version. 

They should not be on the market, they are slow and less accurate and will waste critical time in the event of a rescue.
a Non GPS PLBs can take up to 3 hours to pinpoint your location. 
EPIRBhire has had 17 rescues to date with GPS-enabled PLBs, all had a rescue response at their location within 2 hours.


If you hire or borrow an EPIRB make sure your trip details plus any follow up 

information is instantly available 24/7 to AMSA to assist in your rescue.
Call Peter on 0415 263 750 for a chat any time if you have any questions.