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Thuraya SatSleeve+ and Hotspot transforms your
(or Samsung/most smartphones) into a Satellite phone


Once again Thuraya's marketing is a little incorrect.....

The Thuraya Satsleeve is a standalone satphone with it's own SIM and no keyboard. With this lastest version you connect to it via Wifi and an app, so you can now put the sleeve in a position for reception and talk via your smartphone.

The data feed is workable, but there are many things to consider with this phone. We feel the Hotspot is better than the plus, they are infact the same phone.... call us for more info.


The cost to hire the Satsleeve voice/SMS is $184 for 1 week, $219 for 10 days,  $274 2 weeks. 
For over two weeks please call and we can work out a price to suit your budget.
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Compared to the XT lite the Satsleeve Hotspot and Plus are ideal for SMS and (limited) data.
If you do not need this option and just need the phone for predominatly emergency and the odd chat then we suggest renting the XT lite.

Incoming calls are no charge to you. You can SMS any mobile for 75c.

Outgoing calls costs are $1.50 per minute for calls to Australian numbers.... regardless to where you are on the planet.

The caller, when calling you pays the same as calling a normal mobile phone..... regardless to where you are on the planet. 
See coverage map at the bottom of this page.



How does it work?

Available for iPhone, Samsung and most Android smartphones but not the windows OS.
Basically, all you need to do is download the Thuraya App to your smartphone, rent the Thuraya SatSleeve. Your smartphone only controls the SatSleeve via the Wifi connection. There are no changes made to your phone.

You speak into and listen out of your smartphone via the wifi codec.

If you need a satphone for predominantly emergency use, we would not recommend the Satsleeve. If you have an accident and need to use it and your smartphone is lost/broken or has a flat battery it will make it difficult to make calls. You can only call 000 without your smartphone.


Note: The Satsleeve is a stand alone satellite phone. It has a battery, SIM and a big red button that will either answer an incoming call or dial 000.

When you open the App on your iPhone or Samsung you will see the signal strength and battery level of both your iPhone and the Satsleeve across the top, and buttons for Phone/Contacts/Messages/Settings across the bottom.


Would you like to buy a SatSleeve plus or Hotspot?

EPIRBhire can supply the Satsleeve for hire or test before you buy. Please call Peter for more information and to discuss the options. The Thuraya satellite network is excellent in some/most areas but will not work at all in others (i.e. Victoria and Tasmanian - you will struggle.). 

The Thuraya SatSleeve has tremendous potential to extend your iPhone's horizon, please call to discuss.


Important notes to rental clients

The antenna extends out - you must pull it out
When you turn on the SatSleeve it will need to obtain its GPS location, this will take about 1 minute the first time.
Once it gains the GPS it will then need to register with the network.
The red button is programmed to call "000" or will answer an incoming call.
The SatSleeve unit comes with its own microphone and speaker, which can be used when using the SatSleeve unit is in SOS mode or with Wi-Fi off or without the smartphone connected.
When the SatSleeve is connected to smartphone, audio is routed to smartphone.
Standby time: 9 hours with Wi-Fi, 70hrs with Wi-Fi turned off with the ability to receive incoming calls and use the SOS function.
Go to the Wi-Fi settings in the SatSleeve Hotspot app and tap the Wi-Fi off button, you will then be disconnected from the smartphone and the App.
For incoming calls: the SatSleeve unit will give you a vibration alert when an incoming call is coming through and you can pick it up by pressing the SOS button. To disconnect the call, press the SOS button again.
For outgoing calls: the SOS button can be used to call one pre-programmed number of your choice.
Please note: to turn on the Wi-Fi functionality again in order to reconnect to your smartphone, please turn the SatSleeve unit off and then on again.

Only a voice call or a data session at a time can be established.
It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge an empty SatSleeve+ or Hotspot. The LED on the SatSleeve unit will turn from red to blue when fully charged.

If you are on a satellite call and there is an incoming GSM call your satellite call will be disconnected.
Incoming calls are no charge to you.
Data download speeds in satellite mode are up to 60 kbps for downloads and up to 15 kbps for uploads.
The caller pays the same as calling a normal mobile phone.
The Satellite is above Sumatra, we would have already discussed the height and angle with you earlier and best ways to manage this.
For best results.
We found the best way to make calls is to hold the phone at eye level to gain the GPS position, while tilting it slightly and sweeping the horizon in the general direction of the satellite noting the signal bars on the screen.......... The antenna extends out - you must pull it out 
Once you have dialled the number and the caller answers you can watch the signal strenth.

Click here for user manual.

Thuraya’s network which covers two thirds of the globe across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The following smartphone models have been tested.......

iOS devices (iOS 6,7,8 & 9)
iPhone 4, 5, 6, iPad Air, iPod Touch

Android Devices
Samsung Galaxy S3,4,5,6
Samsung Galaxy Note 3,5, edge, 10.1” 2014 edition tablet
Samsung Galaxy A8,J7,E7
Samsung Galaxy Alpha (tested with Android 4.4)
Call us about Huawei,HTC, Sony, CAT and Asus.


Data on the Satsleeve, it works well far better and more reliable than the IridiumG0

Don't get too excited about the data. It is still slow and will cost you $8 per MB (yes that is $8,000 a gig) but it does the job. You need to know how to stop your Apple/Android from downloading random data from Apps running in the back ground. The Satsleeve it is currently the best narrowband mobile handset on the market for casual use and ideal for GRIB files, I have tested it and it will download GRIB data from Tassie to the Whitsundays. The data speed tops out at 60kbps down and 15kbps up so it will take a couple of minutes to rack up a $8 bill or about two days to reach $8,000 in data costs.
Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :


Would you like to buy a SatSleeve?   ........ read on.

EPIRBhire can supply the Satsleeve for hire or test before you buy. Please call Peter for more information and to discuss the options. The Thuraya satellite network is excellent in some/most areas but will not work at all in others.  We have found the signal is very strong and tends to bend or flow round obstacles, maintaining call continuity. It is better than the older Thuraya handsets.

The Thuraya satellite is positioned 35,000km above Sumatra. Provided that one is aware of the low satellite angle it is not really an issue. For NSW and southern QLD coastal users it will be 20 to 22 degrees above the horizon. The low height is not too much of a problem with regards to hills but tall trees will be an issue and wet tall trees will stop the signal. For the users in Victorian and Tasmanian, forget it, there are better options such as inmarsat and iridium - It will actually work at the lower latitudes, I have used it successfully in Hobart. We prefer to understate the performance. If you are mainly needing the phone north of a line from Sydney Adelaide it is a great option. Alice Springs it is 48 degrees up - perfect! 


If you are sailing the NSW/QLD east coast it's great, and it is ideal for downloading GRIB files. 


Be careful when calling a different satellite provider from another satellite phone, 
if you are calling numbers starting with +8816, +0147, +8707... it can be a very expensive call.

speak to us for more details.

Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :

What does Thuraya say about the Satsleeve?
Thuraya SatSleeve is the world's first satellite adaptor for the iPhone, providing you with easy and affordable access to mobile communication services delivered over Thuraya’s powerful satellite network.  Read what Thuraya say about their new phone, via this link