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The IridiumGO! is fantastic for voice and SMS. The mail and web app is ideal for emails. ..... but the data is disappointing - Call Peter 0415 263 750 to discuss discuss what it can do, but more importantly what it can't do?


We sell and hire the new IridiumGO! - $175 for the first week then it gets cheaper

Purchase price $1,350. Call us for an test it for yourself.



Iridium GO! Review. 

The Iridium Go! is a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot accesspoint. 
With the Iridium Go! you can connect your smartphone to your satellite feed via Wi-Fi.


Examples of our tests so far.


We downloaded the Iridium Go! App to the Samsung S4, iPhone and iPad.


Test one: remote inland location with no mobile reception.

The IridiumGo! spent the 12 hours sitting outside on the lawn in a Pelican case in the pouring rain. I was 35 feet away inside the house making Satellite calls and SMS via my iPhone, I didn't need to go outside, I received incoming calls at no cost to me. Thanks to my Pivotel call plan the caller only paid normal mobile rates ................ brilliant!


Test two: inside a 7 seater bus - travelling, middle of nowhere.

Satellite phones don't work inside a car without an external antenna. We put the IridiumGo!  in a water proof bag, in the luggage rack.

Six of us had already downloaded the IridiumGo app to our phones. We were all able to send SMS and make calls using our own phones.

Note: the Iridium GO! has its own phone number so we all used that number (one at a time). When friends called us back, all our phones rang so the first to hit the green key got it. The fun part was we could transfer the satellite call to any one of the other handsets in the bus. The calls bill for that one number was shared between all the travellers....... just too good!


Test three: on a boat, horrid weather - well offshore.

Satellite phones don't like being used in bad weather, wind and waves. Salt water and big waves across the deck will destroy anything electronic. When we needed to make calls we opened our pelican case turned on the Iridium Go!, closed the case and tied it down on deck. From the comfort of the dry navdesk I called home and the port authority for weather updates. Using the Iridium Mail and Web App I also sent and received emails.... yes it does email data.... 

Please call to discuss the data options.... it is too much to explain here...... it is very, very slow and expensive


Test four: technical help, vehicle wiring harness, no mobile coverage and inside a shed.

Satellite phones don't work in the shed. I took a photo of my problem with my iPhone. Using the Iridium Mail and Web App, I emailed the photo to the engineer and asked him to call me back on the IridiumGo! number - Thanks to my Pivotel call plan the engineer only paid normal mobile rates. 

The end result was.... I was inside a shed in a remote area with no mobile coverage, I was able to email a photo of my problem and was talked through my problem via my iPhone on loud speaker mode by a qualified engineer via the satellite network........ impressive!.


The IridiumGO is the perfect and only option for Cat one and Cat two racing that now requires satellite phones.

Please note this will be the only way we rent satellite phones for racing.

The boat owner (hirer) will need to supply a small pelican case (1120 or 1150) or similar to house the IridiumGO, then install a 12 volt feed thru the case and attached the case to a safe location on or in the boat. On the inside of the box install a female cigarette socket. We will rent you the IridiumGO! with a 12v male USB/cigarette style charger....... This will make sure that the IridiumGO stays dry for the duration of the race and does not get damaged by the salty environment.

It can stay turned on all day, it is safe, it is dry. You can make and receive calls from below deck via your smartphones. When using your iPads or tablet you can download weather files... data is not that reliable so please call to discuss. 


Note: For those requesting data for the Sydney to Hobart, please speak to Peter about the Thuraya Satsleeve 60Kbps WiFi hotspot.... it is very good.


Data via the Iridium Satellite network.... 

It does not work very well, it is very narrow band so don't  get too excited about some of the unlimited data plans being offered at $129 USD per month. If you have or know someone who is successfully using this data feed please ask them to call Peter. We have found that the data options are so slow and limited you will not use it all that much. If your requirement is GRIB file, we have found that using compression software mail application providers such as GMN and are very manageable with the IridiumGO!

There are far better options/data speeds in the Australasia region available depending on where you are going. Please call to discuss.  Peter 0415 263 750


      EPIRBhire offer a 24/7 service, nobody comes anywhere near us for service, experience and expertise


 Iridium Go User Manual



Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :

It is important to us that you are able to make full use of the phone,
this is why we offer up to $10 in airtime to test the phone before you leave.

Be careful when calling a different satellite provider from another satellite phone, 
if you are calling numbers starting with +8816, +0147, +8707... it can be a very expensive call.

speak to us for more details.

Would you like to hire the IridiumGo?

Once again EPIRBhire are one of the first dealers in the country to use and test the latest in satellite communication equipment. No other dealer has the depth of knowledge that we have.


Our review of the Iridium GO - we think it is brilliant. It allows you to make satellite calls using your own handset.


Basic details - it is a small box, you put it outside so it can connect to the Iridium network. The IridiumGo sets up a wireless network (100 feet). You download the app to your smart phone/tablet then connect to the Iridium GO via Wi-Fi. 

You are now connected. Using your own phone you can now make a satellite connected calls.

Note: You are using the Iridium Phone (number) not your smartphone SIM/Account.


Hire an Iridium Go satellite Wi-Fi hotspot. 

$175 for 1 week, $220 for 10 days,  $285 for 2 weeks. 

(for longer periods please call - it gets cheaper)

Outgoing calls costs are 40 cent flagfall then $1.20 per minute for calls within Australia. 

Incoming calls are no charge to you
The caller pays the same as calling a normal mobile phone.

You can SMS any mobile for 50c.


This is all done using your own phone, using your contacts list, SMS via your keypad.

Note: you are not using your SIM or call plan.


Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :


General Terms and Conditions of Hire for Satellite phone and BGAN units.

1. Interpretation

a) ‘Company’ means EPIRBhire and its employees and agents.

b) ‘Contract’ means the Contract comprised of the particulars set out on the face of this document.

c) ‘Customer’ means and includes the Company, firm or person, the name of which is set out on the face of this document as the Customer and any person whether as employees, agent or otherwise, who makes this Contract on behalf of such company, firm or person.

d) ‘Equipment’ means the goods specified on the face of this document as the subject of this Contract.

2. Proper Use and Ownership of Equipment.

The Customer shall at all times use the Equipment in a skilful and proper manner for the purposes intended, and in the manner recommended, by the manufacturer. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that at all times the Equipment is and remains the property of the Company. During the period of hire, the Customer shall not sell, lease, pledge, assign, transfer, part with possession of or deal with Equipment in any manner which may affect, directly or indirectly, the Company’s ownership of the Equipment.

3. Customer Acknowledgment of Quality.

The Customer acknowledges having:

a) selected the Equipment without relying on the skill or judgment or any advice from the Company as to the fitness of the Equipment for any particular purposes of the Customer;

b) inspected the Equipment prior to taking delivery of it; and

c) satisfied itself as to the quality and fitness of the Equipment for the purposes of the Customer.

4. Breakdown and Damage.

The Customer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment for any reason whatsoever except loss or damage as a result of reasonable wear and tear. In the event of breakdown or failure of the Equipment the Customer shall notify the company and shall return the Equipment to the Company’s or agents premises as soon as practical. On no account shall the Customer repair or attempt to repair or cause someone else to repair the Equipment without the prior written consent of the Company.

The liability of the Company in respect of any matter arising out of the application of Division 2 of Part V of the Trade Practices Act or any other applicable legislation is limited at the option of the Company to:

a) the replacement of the Equipment or the supply of equivalent Equipment; or

b) the repair of the Equipment

and the period of the hiring shall be suspended during the period from return of the defective Equipment to the Company until re-delivery of the Equipment to the Customer in accordance with this clause.

The company will refund at its discretion the downtime value on inspection of the faulty equipment. Should the equipment be faulty due to misuse, the customer will be responsible for the repair costs.

In no other event shall the Company be liable to the Customer on any account whatsoever, whether as a result of wear and tear or any defect in the Equipment or any negligence by the Company, for any loss or damage whatsoever including consequential loss or damage and whether or not foreseeable or contemplated by any of the parties.

5. Call Charges on Satellite Phones

Call costs are calculated and charged in 30 second blocks. Eg: Should the customer make a call for the duration of 32 seconds, the call costs charged will be for 60 seconds. All call costs will be charged to your credit card. The customer gives the company authority to hold and debit any amount from their credit card for the purpose of bond against loss of or damage to equipment and for payment of call charges. 
Indicative costs to replace equipment.
Iridium Go! device $990, 240v Charger $180; 12v Charger $120; Antenna Adaptor $105; 
Aux Magnetic Antenna $150; Standard Antenna $450; Carry Bag $49; Battery Door $50; Battery $164.

5a. Data and Call Charges on BGAN

Call costs are calculated and charged in blocks. All call costs will be charged to your credit card. The customer gives the company authority to hold and debit any amount from their credit card for the purpose of bond against loss of or damage to equipment and for payment of data and call charges. 
Indicative costs to replace equipment.
BGAN Antenna base unit $2000; 240v Charger $130;

6. Return of Equipment

The Customer shall return the Equipment to the Company on or before the due date as shown on the invoice in good order and condition, including being properly cleaned.

Po Box 99
Phone : 02 4997 8183
Ph : 0415 263 750

7. Period of Hire

The period of hire shall commence from the time the Equipment is delivered to the Customer and will cease when the Equipment is returned to the Company. The Equipment shall be deemed to have been duly delivered and returned if delivered and returned to the Company’s premises during the Company’s business hours in the manner set out in the invoice. Where the Company agrees in writing that it will accept return of the Equipment other than at the Company’s premises, the Customer shall remain responsible for the Equipment until the earlier of such time as the Company collects the Equipment or the expiry of five (5) days from after the date agreed for collection.

8. Payment of Hiring Charges.

The Customer shall immediately pay to the Company the hiring charges set out on this invoice at the beginning of the period of hire. The Company reserves the right to vary the hiring charges at any time after expiration of the initial period as set out overleaf and any variation shall be effective immediately upon and after notification in writing to the Customer at the Customer’s address or at any place where the Equipment is being used.

The Customer shall pay or reimburse to the Company on demand all stamp duty or other statutory charges payable in connection with the Contract, the cost of all consumable items supplied by the Company used up in the use of the Equipment and the cost of all freight and delivery charges incurred by the Company in the delivery of the Equipment to the Customer or the return of the Equipment to the Company.

For the purposes of re-possessing the Equipment pursuant to this clause, the Company may enter upon or into any premises where the Equipment may be without notice to the Customer

This agreement indemnifies the Company in respect of any claims, damages or expenses arising out of any such action. Repossession of the Equipment by or on behalf of the Company shall be without prejudice to any other rights of the Company arising out of this Contract.

9. Deposit.

The Company shall hold the deposit as security for the due performance by the Customer of its obligations and may apply the whole or part of the deposit at any time against moneys due but unpaid or any expenses, loss or damage incurred by the Company as a result of a failure by the Customer to perform properly its obligations. Application by the Company of the whole or any part of the deposit pursuant to this clause shall be without prejudice to any other rights of the Company arising out of this Contract.

10. No Assignment of Contract.

This Contract is personal to the Customer and the Customer shall not transfer or assign or purport or attempt to transfer or assign the benefit of this Contract to any other person without the prior written consent of the Company.

11. Customer Authority

The Customer warrants that it has full authority to enter into this Contract for itself and any employer principal or other person named overleaf and that the information set out in this invoice is true and correct.

12. Safety.

The company shall not be responsible for damage to person or property including vehicles caused from the use or misuse of hired equipment.

The Customer acknowledges that it has received from the Company advice, information or items (or all of them), which relate to the safe operation and use of the Equipment. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Customer indemnifies the Company from any loss, claim, expense, damage, cost or proceeding which may arise as a result, directly or indirectly, of the failure of the Customer to act in accordance with that advice or information and or to use in a proper manner as specified by the Company those items or any of them. Apart from the advice, information or items referred to in this Clause, the Customer acknowledges that in connection with the Equipment and its use, it is solely responsible for obtaining all advice or information necessary for the safety of and the safe use of the Equipment and for the provision and proper use of all items, tools, plant or other devices necessary for the safe use of the Equipment.

13. Satellite Phone Safety.

The customer acknowledges that driving a motor vehicle whilst using a mobile phone including a Satellite phone is against the law in Australia and agrees to abide by these laws and conditions. The customer also agrees that when driving in vehicles, it is the sole responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to operate the vehicle in a safe manner, maintain full surveillance of all driving conditions at all times, and may not become distracted by a mobile or satellite phones.

14. Extra info

Iridium Satellite LLC is prohibited from providing products and service to some countries. At present these include (and are subject to change): Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Poland. Therefore, use of your Satellite phone in some countries may be illegal.