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We will sell the Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite phone for $1,950 incl. GST and delivery.

Try before you buy - rent the 9575 for a week and we will credit most of  the hire cost off the buy price.

Our review and  impressions of the Iridium 9575 Extreme.
Iridium give the full details of the 9575 on their interactive webpage below,  so rather than repeat their commentary please see their site direct....

Iridium make a great product, the 9505a, the 9555 and the 9575 are all very functional solid phones.

The 9575 does everything the 9555 does and more........
So now let's have a realistic look at the features and claims of the new 9575 Extreme.

Iridium's website has changed since first launch but we still make the following points.....

"Programmable, GPS-enabled, one-touch SOS button"
Let's not get carried away with a big red button at the top of the phone. The sole purpose of this red button is to send an automated SMS with your GPS location to a mobile service (GEOS).
For this to work you need reception..... if I had reception I would not be sending an SMS to somebody's mobile... I would call them. 
The best thing you can do to this button is glue the protective rubber on it. The rubber cap is too easily dislodged and will let the water in.

"Smallest Iridium phone ever"
Sorry.....when you include the leather case it is 10mm longer - 5 mm wider and slightly thicker than the 9555 and a few grams heavier

"Supports online tracking and Google Mapping services"
This is brilliant, you send your GPS location via SMS. The SMS contains the GPS location plus the URL for Iridium maps. The recipient just clicks on the link to have your location displayed on the PC. If you are using Pivotel for your call plan, Pivotel provide a very handy function where you can send an SMS to an email address, therefore making the process very straight forward.

"GPS-enabled location-based services, "
Using the phone as a "Tracker" is a great feature. When compared to the "SPOT"  device, past experience has shown it is both more accurate and more reliable than the SPOT.
But the phone has a battery standby duration of 30 hrs, so 24 hrs is your limit for automated SMS tracking without the power adaptor and external power. Using the automated function is expensive and has it's limitations. Having said that the facility to send your GPS location said the "message menu " is excellent.

"It is Jet-water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability"
"Highest ingress protection (IP) rating in the industry (IP65)"

Excellent - but it is not waterproof if you are using the power or data adaptors (see above GPS tracking). I see a pending problem with the rubbers cap at the top of the phone that covers the emergency red button, it is very easy to dislodge, thus making the IP rating worthless.

We have tested the phone 9575 along side the 9555 in various conditions, it appears to be exactly the same with regard to reception quality.

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