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 A quick comparison between phones.

Please note these phones communicate with Satellites, that are moving very fast and/or are a long way away. They don't work as well as your mobile. 


Out going call cost per minute. (for owners) Varied prices for Aust. and international  approx $1.50 to any mobile or landline globally
Out going SMS (email)


.65c per SMS
Incoming call cost to caller (see note #1.) same as a normal mobile within Aust. don't call it - $12 to $15 per minute
Incoming email facility (160 characters max.) not available - Out going only. yes -
Coverage (effective) global (struggles near equator ie PNG highlands) global - except the polar regions
Satellite coverage overview (for Aus.) polar orbiting - more spread out near equator fixed location 35,000km above PNG
Coverage expectations...... with orbiting Satellites your handset is looking for a moving target, if you are in a valley, it will block the signal for undefined periods. It will work if you can see the Satellite, in central NSW it is approx 50 degrees up in the Nth East.
Reception is consistent.
GPS positioning and tracking Yes 9575 only Yes - an excellent facility
What we like..... Incoming calls are very cheap. External magnetic antenna works well. Outgoing calls are cheap, GPS, email works well, cheap call plan. Good voice quality
What we don't like...... In hills the reception issues can be frustrating, this gets worse as you get closer to the equator  incoming calls are expensive. (see note #1.)
Reception bottom line The Satellites are moving, so you don't know where to stand, you just need to see as much of the sky as possible. You know where the satellite is so you just have to get into that spot... PNG excellent - Tasmania get a bit harder.
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We have tested the Thuraya or the past few years. EPIRBhire know more about the Thuraya handsets than any other dealer in the country - we like them. We  rent and sell Thuraya satphones. click here XT Lite or Satsleeve

Note #1. The reality is that you don't leave a satellite phone turned on in
the same way that you would a normal mobile. 
Therefore you rarely get incoming calls. Ideally have people contact you through SMS/email.

Is the Iridium a better option ?

Inmarsat is one of the world's largest satellite phone companies.

Is Inmarsat a better  option?

Is the Thuraya Satsleeve a better option?

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