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Isatphone PRO is no longer being built, we have ex hire units for sale!

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro .

Buy the inmarsat IsatPhone Pro for $560 includes SIM, 38 minutes talktime, GST and delivery.
The phone is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.
The 38 minutes of pre paid talk time (value $80) will remain valid for 1 month.

Inmarsat is one of the worlds largest satellite phone companies.

With three stationary satellites inline with the equator (above PNG, Africa and East Pacific) the Inmarsat has excellent clear reception for most users - outside the polar regions.


With the advantage of one of Inmarsat's three stationary satellites being above PNG, the reception is excellent in Australia. We are very impressed with the call quality and reliability.


The phone has it's own email address e.g.   8707(your number)

It is the ideal outbound communication tool. We are selling a lot of these phones to clients who need a satellite phone and don't want to commit to a call plan.

Note - The phone needs to see the satellite, so if you have a hill between you and the Satellite it won't work. If you are in Hobart the satellite is 40 degrees above the north horizon (Brisbane 56d, Perth 43d).  The IsatPhone is best suited for making outbound calls/emails/SMS as and when you need to. The incoming calls are no cost to you but expensive for the caller. 

Features of the IsatPhone Pro include voicemail, text, Bluetooth, email messaging and GPS location data.
Battery life: up to 8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time.
Operates at -20° to 55°C; dust, splash and shock resistant.


Buy an IsatPhone Pro - Try before you buy and save on ex hire stock


Buying an ex demo IsatPhone Pro will cost approx $490 incl. GST, 6 months warranty and delivery. You will need to add data/call time to the cost. If you would like to try before you buy we are more than happy to work out a rental agreement and a credit to the eventual purchase. 


"We are able to offer an added service to buyers. If you have any problems whatsoever with your phone we can quickly supply replacement phone. If you buy a phone and need more to cover busy work periods our rates will be adjusted accordingly ." 

Your call costs
The system of pre paid credit on the handset is "use it or loose it".
The current rate is 1.3 units = 1 minute and SMS = half a unit
If you top up before the expiry date any unused credit is carried forward.
You can check balance (free call) of credit available from the handset.... dial *106# (Star106hash)

IsatPhone Pro/Link 50 units - 30 Days Validity - $79
IsatPhone Pro/Link 100 units - 90 Days Validity - $149
IsatPhone Pro/Link 30 day extensions (no units) - $38

If you choose to let it expire you can re activate the SIM by adding any of the above within the next 12 months.

To call any Mobile/cellphone/Isatphone or Landline in any country - 1.3 units per minute, SMS (half a unit).

You can top up the SIM with credit at anytime (24/7 days).


The data can be done.
It has been a struggle to make it happen with very inconsistent results. Although I have managed to download GRIB files, it was slow but it worked. The ability to download GRIB files is a great asset so I will continue to refine the process and let you know.


Emergency Numbers to use when calling from the IsatPhone - 000 is available, just dial 000.



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