Australia's leading EPIRB hire & PLB hire service since 2002 (15 rescues so far)

 Need to hire an EPIRB or a Satphone? It's very easy....... phone or email us. 
Free delivery Australia wide for hires over 1 week
 Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth plus major towns

We rent and hire
Personal Locator Beacons
(PLBs) & EPIRBs - from $88
Satellite phones - from $120
Satellite broadband BGAN - from $230
Marine VHF radios - from $85
UHF radios
- from $70
GPS - from $75
InReach tracker
- from $77

We sell new and ex hire stock
- from $230
Satellite phones
Satellite Phone subsidy scheme

Satellite External antennas
We are an authorised dealer for...
Iridium, Inmarsat, Pivotel, Thuraya, McMurdo, Kannad, Ocean Signal, GME.

scroll down for more info.

Contact Details:
Office call Anna 0410 506 709
Yachting and technical enquiries call Peter 0415 263 750
(available 24/7) 
Accounts call Caroline - 0415 940 939 
Landline +61 (0)2 4997 8183 

Email Contact:   
Stock returns -

We have had 27 people rescued to date in 15 separate activations - four would not have survived.


Hire an EPIRB or PLB

We stock both Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and EPIRBs (for the boat) to suit all safety requirements.

Minimum hire (7 days) $88 incl. GST and delivery.
10 days - $98, 2 weeks - $110, 3 weeks - $130, for one month or more please call.
Reduced price for multiple hire and repeat business. Special rates for yacht racing.

We look after the Australian Search & Rescue Authority (AusSAR) registration details.


Click here for more details on how to hire an EPIRB        Hire agreement and registration form


Video of a PLB activation 


Fastfind 211 406Mhz PLB* - Specs:                                   Kannad Safelink Solo 406Mhz PLB* - Specs:
GPS enabled,  Battery life: 7 years                                                GPS enabled,  Battery life: 7 years
Weight: 180grams, Size 34 x 47 x 106mm.                                     Weight: 195grams, Size 36 x 50 x 112mm.
* Note, McMurdo Ltd in the UK make both these units - internally they are the same unit..


 NEW!!! Ocean Signal Rescue ME PLB* - Specs: GPS enabled, Battery life: 7 years Weight: 164grams, Size 35 x 50 x 75mm.


Hire a satellite phone $120 for the week and 
we will reduce the cost of the PLB by half.

Hire a PLB or EPIRB for Larapinta trail - Special price.

Buy an ex hire PLB from $230.
Fastfind, Kannad, RescueMe.JPG (131190 bytes)

We have a selection of PLBs for sale.  (click on image to expand)
They vary from 18 months to one month old, used once in the Sydney to Hobart.

18 months old 170gm GPS enabled Fastfind 211 batt exp. Aug 2017 - $230.

2 month old 170gm GPS enabled Kannad SafeLink Solo -  batt exp. June 2020 - $290. (save $60)

2 month old 115gm GPS enabled Ocean Signal RescueMe -  batt exp. June 2021 - $310. (save $50)

The above prices include GST and delivery. Further discount available for quantity....  Call Peter 0415 263 750 

  Brisbane to Gladstone race 2014.


We have PLBs available at $50 each incl. GST and delivery when ordered as a group (by boat) 

The 2014 edition of the QantasLink Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race will be the sixty sixth time the race has been held. 

The race will start at 1100hours on 18th April.

We hire Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya Satellite phones.
Our service is 2nd to none...

"Dear Peter, Our son rented a phone from you and left on his trip without telling us the correct number... we were so surprised when you answered our call at 10pm on a Sunday night and you were able to tell us the correct phone number... I cannot begin to tell you how much that helped our situation.... rgds Adam"  Oct 2012
No other company in Australia will answer their phone at 10pm on a Sunday night to help your situation.... We run 24/7.


"Hi Peter, Just a compliment. I really didn't expect a reply to my email on Good Friday. 
Thank you very much and I would recommend your company to anyone who asks. Exceptional service.
Regards, Richard"  March 2013

Richard purchased a phone and needed technical advice.... We run 24/7.

Good Morning Peter,
Thank you for your assistance yesterday as it was fantastic to be able to lean on somebody that genuinely give you advise to suit your situation not just sell you a heap of stuff you don't need. It is very much appreciated.

Operations Manager...... substantial global company


We are back to Germany and I m feeling alright. It seems I was very lucky and I 'll just have a nasty scar on my face. All in all we are very happy that we had a PLB with us.

German backpackers after a hike in south west Tassie - Rescued within two hours of activating the PLB.


reviews and feedback on click here

We have hired phones to clients on over 4,500 occasions, we can tell you exactly what you can expect from either purchasing or renting any satellite phone.

There are three real choices for Satellite phones in Australia, we sell and hire all.
Click here for our comparison between the inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya satellite systems in Australia

                Hire or rent the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 

      The cost to hire the IsatPhone is $120 for 1 week, $165 for 10 days,  $200 2 weeks.
(for longer periods please call - it gets cheaper)


"Airtime special 88 cents per minute."
"if you use more than 100 minutes, you can save money - you must ask us before you hire)

     The outgoing call costs are approx $1.50 per minute to any mobile or landline in the world.
     Incoming calls are no charge to you.
     You can SMS any mobile or send to an email address for 75c.
     You can send your GPS location to any PC or Mobile for just 75c
     The phone has it's own email address

     Call us or click here for more details.

     For frequent users we are able to negotiate more economical terms.

     Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :

To encourage you to become familiar with the phone we will not charge you if the calls are under $5.00

                Hire an Iridium 9575 or 9555 Satellite phone

Iridium 100% Global Coverage

Hire an Iridium satellite phone from $140 for 1 week, $200 for 10 days,  $266 for 2 weeks. (for longer periods please call - it gets cheaper)

Outgoing calls costs are $1 flag fall then $2 per minute for calls within Australia. 

Incoming calls are no charge to you
The caller pays the same as calling a normal Mobile phone.

You can SMS any mobile or send to an email address for 99c.


Call us or click here for more details. 


For frequent users we are able to negotiate more economical terms.

Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email:

To encourage you to become familiar with the phone we will not charge you if the calls are under $5.00

Hire or rent the Thuraya SatSleeve
We have been testing the Thuraya SatSleeve in Australia for 12 months. We like it. EPIRBhire knows more about the Thuraya SatSleeve than any other dealer in the country.


The cost to hire the Satsleeve is $120 for 1 week, $165 for 10 days,  $200 for 2 weeks.  (for longer periods please call - it gets cheaper)

Outgoing calls costs are $2 per minute for calls within Australia. 

Incoming calls are no charge to you.screen shot.JPG (12778 bytes)
The caller pays the same as calling a normal mobile phone.

You can SMS any mobile for 99c.


How does it work?
Basically all you need to do is download the Thuraya App to your iPhone, rent the Thuraya SatSleeve, drop your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 or 5s into the SatSleeve docking station and you will have access to the Thuraya satellite network. Your iPhone only controls the SatSleeve via the Bluetooth connection. There are no changes made to your iPhone.

You speak into and listen out of the SatSleeve (not your iPhone)


Note: The Satsleeve is a stand alone satellite phone. It has a battery, SIM, speaker, microphone and a big red button that will either answer an incoming call or dial 000.

When you open the App on your iPhone you will see the signal strength and battery level of both your iPhone and the Satsleeve across the top, and buttons for Phone/Contacts/Messages/Settings across the bottom. (click on the image above right for a larger view)

Would you like to buy a SatSleeve?

EPIRBhire can supply the Satsleeve for hire or test before you buy. Please call Peter for more information and to discuss the options. The Thuraya satellite network is excellent in some/most areas but will not work at all in others (i.e. Victoria and Tasmanian - forget it.). 

The Thuraya SatSleeve has tremendous potential to extend your iPhone's horizon, please call to discuss.

Note: we hire the voice/SMS SatSleeve, if you would like to rent the voice/data Satsleeve please ask, it will cost a little more.


Call us or click here for more details. 

For frequent/repeat and long term users we are able to negotiate more economical terms.

     Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email :

To encourage you to become familiar with the phone we will not charge you if the calls are under $5.00

Buy a Satellite phone

We sell the IsatPhone Pro for $1180 (no more to pay incl 100 minutes talk time) 
We sell the ex hire IsatPhone Pro for $580
(plus airtime, including 6 months warranty) 

We sell the Iridium 9575 - $1,750 & Iridium 9555 - $1,450
We sell the Thuraya SatSleeve -  $880 for voice/data or $770 for voice/text only

click here for more details All prices include GST and delivery - there is no more to pay

Inmarsat BGAN - Satellite Broadband

(Internet broadband at 235kbps anywhere on the planet)


Inmarsat BGAN - Broadband Global Area Network - is the world's first mobile communications service to deliver broadband data and voice simultaneously through a single, portable device offering guaranteed data rates on demand.

The BGAN service is accessible via small, lightweight satellite terminals that can be connected quickly and easily to notebook PCs or Macs. BGAN is suited for land based rather than marine as it needs a relatively stable platform.

The smallest terminal, weighing just 1kg, will give you a connection speed of 230kbps.  Although this is not as fast as your home/office metro broadband, it is 5 times the speed of the old phone dialup and you are only charged data, not time. Voice communication is as simple as plugging the handset into the ISDN port.

You can stay connected as long as you like and only pay for the data movement, i.e. there is no charge on time, just data. The data charges are not cheap at approximately $10 per MB (yes that is $10,000 per Gig). We will credit the SIM card with a set amount of units, when the credit is getting low we can top up the units within hours of the request. This system allows you to choose the data expectations beforehand and will limit your exposure to incorrect or misuse of a data connection. At the end of the hire we can credit you most of the unused units.

First week $230 then
$110 per week
- data only
$140 per week - calls and data
Long term POA
We have established an excellent prepaid/recharge system with INMARSAT, resulting in DATA costs approx $10 per MB and CALL costs approx $1.10 per minute

We can supply a small 12v laptop to match up with the BGAN if required.


See below for Peter's review on satellite phones and BGAN satellite broadband.

Please watch this Video
Call peter - 0415 263 750

Hire or rent the Delorme inReach - Satellite Tracker

It is better than SPOT as it uses the Iridium network rather than Globalstar, so it works globally.


Rent the InReach tracker.  
The cost to hire the inReach tracker is $77 for 1 week, $99 for 10 days,  $125 for 2 weeks.
     (for longer periods please call - it gets cheaper)

The only other cost is for the tracking points. The tracking points can be set at intervals of 10 mins/30min/1hr/2hrs/4hrs. We offer a certain amount free, please call to discuss


Available for Sale - cost $385 incl. GST and delivery. Plus $50 activation fee. 
Plus monthly subscription of $20, $33 or $50 depending on service required, plus 25c per SMS after some free.

Features (Summary).

GEOS SOS emergency function (They will then forward your details to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority)

Folllow me - find me tracking

One way - SMS messaging (Two way when linked to a smart phone)

Weight 8 oz. Powered by 2 x AA Batteries (Lithium) click here for full brochure.


Call Peter for more info 0415 263 750

GPS Hire

Handheld GPS available for rent.

We stock Garmin eTrex Vista HCx or Legend H.


Cost to hire is $66 for 4 days then $3 per day. Includes GST and freight.

Marine VHF Radio



We hire the ICOM IC-M35 handheld Marine VHF; the world's first floating VHF radio.
The radio is supplied with a 240v charger and long life lithium battery.

The cost to hire the ICOM VHF Radio is $65 for 4 days then $6 per day.  
Click here
for product specs. 


Call 0415 263 750

Handheld UHF (CB) Radio



Hire a UHF radio from $70 per week - (reducing).
We hire the ICOM 41S handheld, 5 watt UHF Radio.
Click here for product stats
and the ICOM F4003 handheld, 5 watt UHF Radio.
Click here for product stats
The radio is supplied with a 240v charger and long life lithium battery.

The cost to rent the ICOM UHF is $55 for 4 days then $5 per day. 
Hand microphones are available for some models at $30 for the hire period.
Longterm and multiple units POA.... (approx $22 per week)


Call Peter 0415 263 750

Yellowbrick Tracker - the best you can get.
Click here for more details  or here for the UK webpage

The Yellowbrick Tracker is currently being used for the major yacht races in Australia. Yellowbrick Tracking is proving itself as rugged, reliable and accurate with an excellent web interface for followers.

Size: 160mm x 80mm x 70mm Weight 310gms
Purchase price (approx) $600 to $800 depending on model
Subscription (approx) $12 to $25 per month depending on package.

Indicative rental cost: 30 units - 3 day event - 15 minute reports - $130 per unit.
Click here for marine trackers PDF here for product specs 

GoPro Sale - While stocks last......W e are clearing a range of accessories..

New Wifi Bacpac and remote for sale $110 (brand new)

We no long hire GoPro Cameras.....




Call 0415 263 750 or email:


Click here for more details on how to hire a GoPro Camera

We sell and hire the Kannad SafeLink R10

Survivor Recovery System

What is the Safelink R10?  Similar in size to the PLB it is carried by boat crew. If you fall overboard, you activate the beacon, it transmits (4 nautical miles) via the AIS system to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters showing an accurate position, bearing and distance to pickup. click here for PDF

Purchase price incl GST and delivery $380

Minimum hire (7 days) $65 incl. GST and delivery. Discount for multiple units

Call Peter 0415 263 750  or email
Reduced price for multiple hire and repeat business.

EPIRBhire proudly support...

Adventurers Chris Bray and Clark Carter.
EPIRBhire and been a proud supporter of Chris Bray for almost 10 years.

In this time Chris has established himself as one of Australia's finest young adventurers and now an accomplished photographer hosting fantastic photography courses/safaris.
Back in July 2005 Chris Bray and Clark Carter, plunged deep inside the Arctic Circle to do what no one ever had – travel unsupported across Victoria Island, the world’s ninth largest and largely unexplored island. Their route - from the most Easterly tip of the island to the most Westerly – would take them past approximately 1,000km of incredibly varied terrain - in 2008 they did it again -

Scott Orchard and Run for Reclink  in his 11day 766km run from Canberra to Melbourne

The BASEClimb3 team Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan 
When jumping out of planes with a regular parachute just isn't enough... (these guys are wild)
Mulithull Sailor Bruce Arms  won the last two Solo Trans Tasman Races back to back with "Big Wave Rider".
Bruce has just become the first to sail non stop single handed around Australia.

Adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke  Belgian adventurer who has spent more time than most exploring and documenting
 Australia's harsh and beautiful outback. Click here


Have a look at some more useful links

For more information about Search & Rescue and general inquiries of a non-urgent nature.

406Mhz Distress Beacon enquiries please contact: Australian Rescue Coordination Centre.
Ph: 1800 406 406 (local within Australia) or 
Ph: +61 2 6279 5766 (overseas) Business hours 8am-4.30pm.

Email:  Website:

Direct contact with the Australian Rescue Coordination Centre in Canberra (24Hrs):
Ph: 1800 641 792 (local within Australia) or Ph: +61 2 6230 6811 (overseas)

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